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An Insomniac’s Guide to Sleep Mist

Chances are you know where this one is going, Lavender oil helps you sleep, everyone knows that, right? I have had insomnia almost my whole life. I don't remember a time I slept easily. Long before adulthood, college and coffee, I have had trouble nodding off. I've tried a lot of stuff and I find… Continue reading An Insomniac’s Guide to Sleep Mist

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Buying the Picture, Not just the Frame

Today I made a very important purchase, a new toothbrush. Stick with me, I promise there's a point to this! Using them every day doesn't negate their importance to our bodies or the importance of their impact on the environment. I am sure all of you responsible owners of teeth know that a toothbrush is… Continue reading Buying the Picture, Not just the Frame


Cruelty-Free Vs Vegan

Two of the most common new year's resolutions I have been seeing this January have been to go vegan and to go cruelty-free. Today I want to explain those terms for those people who might be wondering what they mean and whether or not they are the same thing. Of course, it doesn't have to… Continue reading Cruelty-Free Vs Vegan