The News & Your Mental Health

How many of you avoid the news because it makes you feel anxious? You are not alone, lots of people think this way. But the news is essential. The role of a journalist is to help the public understand what’s going on. Because let’s face it, experts don’t always make it simple. Currently, I am… Continue reading The News & Your Mental Health


5 Online Psychology Resources

Photo by Cookie the Pom on Unsplash I write a lot about mental health and psychology. The other day I was researching a topic, and the website I was reading was good. And I thought to myself that I would add this to my list of useful websites.  To write responsibly, I must use reliable… Continue reading 5 Online Psychology Resources

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Hidradenitis Suppurativa & Trauma

Part 2 of HS Awareness Week 2020 Series Yesterday we looked at what HS is and what it is not. If you haven’t read Part 1 you can find it here. Today we have part 2 of the HS Awareness week 2020 series, HS & Trauma. HS itself can be debilitating. Medical care can be… Continue reading Hidradenitis Suppurativa & Trauma


The Psychology of Writers Block

I have writers block. I have writers block writing that I have writers block. How's your month been? For any mythical people out there who have never experienced writers block, writers block is when you simply cannot write. The very sight of a blank page makes you want to watch Supernatural re-runs all day. When… Continue reading The Psychology of Writers Block

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Do Houseplants Promote Wellbeing?

I really like my houseplants. They do make me happy. This summer I have been trying to propagate some of the succulents and I have enjoyed seeing their progress and learning something new. But does that mean that the plants themselves contribute to my wellbeing? Could I replace them with crafts or colouring books? Perhaps… Continue reading Do Houseplants Promote Wellbeing?

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I Took the Sorting Hat Quiz

Are you even a Harry Potter fan if you don't know what house you are in? Well yes because I am a fan and have been since I was seven years old but I only took the quiz today. I remember when Pottermore came out. I was really excited and I'm not sure what came… Continue reading I Took the Sorting Hat Quiz

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What is Sociology?

A few months ago I wrote a post about the 5 most common questions I get asked as a psychology student. I get asked a lot of questions when I say I study psychology because everyone has heard of it. Sociology not so much. I only get asked one question, what is sociology? Sometimes people… Continue reading What is Sociology?

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In Our Veins: A Nature vs Nurture Story

Last year I heard the Irish rugby player Paul O'Connell speak at a Youth event. He spoke about his success and the assumption that he was just naturally talented. He credits his success to his practice teamwork and commitment to his sport, not natural ability. One of the most prevalent assumptions I hear is that… Continue reading In Our Veins: A Nature vs Nurture Story

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Book Review: The Anxiety Journal, Corrine Sweet

Did you know that Girl Down a Rabbit Hole started out as a book review blog? So today you could say we are going back to our roots and reviewing a book. I have been so anxious lately. I think because college finished and now I'm left with all this nervous energy I have nowhere… Continue reading Book Review: The Anxiety Journal, Corrine Sweet