Cruelty-Free Vs Vegan

Two of the most common new year's resolutions I have been seeing this January have been to go vegan and to go cruelty-free. Today I want to explain those terms for those people who might be wondering what they mean and whether or not they are the same thing. Of course, it doesn't have to… Continue reading Cruelty-Free Vs Vegan

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I Went to a Consent Workshop – Here’s What I Learned

Image: "Bed Sheets Pillows" by StockSnap on PixabayA consent workshop is a space where you can go and discuss with a group, overseen by a facilitator what constitutes sexual consent. Now I have people in my life who I love dearly, who will read this and ask why? Are you confused about what consent is?… Continue reading I Went to a Consent Workshop – Here’s What I Learned

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What is an Art Journal?

  When I tell people that art journaling is one of my hobbies, their first question is "what is that?" When I tell them, they say "Oh I couldn't do that, I'm not creative." I'm not joking everyone says that. I tell them that humans were probably creating art before they could do maths and… Continue reading What is an Art Journal?