If you have been following me for a while you know that I had set six goals for the summer.

If you don’t know that I wrote a post about it in May and you can read it here.

This week I want to review them and share some stuff I’ve learned.

One of the best things about setting goals and working toward achieving them is all the stuff you discover along the way.

As a quick review here are the six goals I had set.

Now before I get started I would like to say, as I did in the original post that you are under no obligation to change your life.

Social media pushes goal setting like its a religion and you may be quite content.

There is nothing wrong with contentment!

Me, I have things I would like to change and work toward and so setting goals works for me.

I was thinking that I might set some Autumn goals when I go back to college. I certainly didn’t achieve all that I wanted to during the summer, some things are a working progress.

This coming academic year I will have brand new challenges in my final year and setting myself some goals, reflecting and revisiting them might be a good idea.

My philosophy on goals is they should not be rigid. Some take longer than expected and some will lead you down paths you didn’t know existed.

You should revisit and reflect on them often. Don’t just set them and run. Decide what works and could work better and adjust accordingly.

So without further ado, here is how my summer goals came along.

1. Walking

I did take up walking. I started a little later than expected but I did walk.

I had a bit of a break in July for about a week when I went back on my anxiety meds as they made me very tired. When I was ready, I started walking again.

The weather in August has been wet so I’m not walking as much but I have supplemented my walking with home workouts. That way if it’s too wet to walk I can stay in.

I am also doing the Blogilates 100 Glute Challenge. It’s been tough but so far so good.

If you want to hear more about what I have been doing an update on Instagram every week.

The point of this goal was to improve my fitness. Walking seemed like an easy and free way to do that.

I didn’t walk as much as I’d hoped but I’m going to say that I met this goal. It didn’t go as expected but that is okay because I wanted to improve my fitness and I have.

Walking is something to carry on into autumn as well.

As an aside, the sunset photo in the graphic for this post is a photo I took on one of my walks.

In fact these were too.

Photography by Shannon Sweeney

2. Cut down on caffeine

This one is a big yes. My goal was to cut my coffee from between three and six cups a day to one.

I now drink one cup of coffee in the morning at breakfast.

Caffeine is a tough one but when I went back on my meds I started sleeping again so I haven’t been as tired during the day.

Coffee was how I kept myself awake to do all of the things I had to do during the day.

But that’s not good for my body and no errand, chore or even assignment is worth impacting my health.

I have in my efforts, become a fan of herbal tea. My favourites are peppermint, elderberry & echinacea and camomile.

Told ya, the things you find!

3. Decluttering my home.

Again yes.

I donated four bags of books to the second-hand bookshop in town.

Now that I’m writing this I wish I had taken a picture because it was a lot of books.

(Some blogger I am)

A lot more books than I expected to clear out.

Now someone else will get the pleasure of reading them and I will get a tidier living space.

I also cleared out some clothes and bought storage boxes for all the things knocking about the flat without a dedicated space.

Plastic storage boxes may not be Instagramable but they do their job.

I bought some more houseplants and now the place is not just tidy but brighter as well.

4. Digital clearout.

This one is a no but I did learn something new anyway.

So the reason this is a no is that my computer broke down.

It has decided not to switch on anymore and no one can change its mind.

I back things up regularly so I didn’t lose too much.

Then a few weeks later I broke my phone. I was out walking and I dropped it face first on the concrete.

You could I suppose call buying a new phone a digital clear out, I think.

While I didn’t have a digital clear out, I did make some changes to my digital space and how I organize my stuff.

I downloaded Google photos which back up automatically.

I took a lot of photos this summer for graphics and having access across devices has been really helpful and if they are backed up there is no need for them to be on my phone.

I also reorganized my phone.

I read a blog post by Musings of a Milettenial that gave me a way to organise my phone so that I’m not constantly on it.

I personally get stressed when I get lots of message notifications and so I keep them off but then I pick up my phone, I see the apps and wonder what I’m missing so I don’t even need the notifications.

I will let you read the post yourself but I implemented the strategies a month ago and its working for me.

The truth is we don’t have to be on our phones all of the time, comments, messages, likes and feeds will be there when we sit down to intentionally engage with them.

We can enjoy them more that way.

5. Yoga

This one is also a no.

I just haven’t felt like it.

So I didn’t do it.

That’s right, I’m in charge of my life.

6. Blogging

Well, you tell me!

I think there have been a lot of changes around here.

It’s only been a few months but the blog is completely different than it was in the spring.

It has readers!

It has social media pages.

It has a logo

I love it. Every time I add it to a graphic or make the Sketch Rabbit Friday posts on Instagram I’m proud of it.

For anyone who doesn’t know I named the rabbit Sketch Rabbit.

I drew Sketch Rabbit in a notebook and it was exactly as I wanted it.

My brother turned it from a jpeg into a png so it could be used as a logo.

For some reason, probably the picture we used, Sketch Rabbit turned from black to purple in the process of digitizing the sketch.

How’s that for a happy accident!

The look is not the only thing that’s changed. I have figured out the sort of things I want to write about and I think what I write about is useful to you.

I have learned lots about graphic design, self-promotion and so much more.

Not only that but I have found a wonderful community of bloggers online.

What more should I hope for?

I have hopes and dreams for Girl Down a Rabbit Hole Blog but that is perhaps a future post on its own.

For now, I would like to say thank you for reading and I hope that you guys continue to enjoy the content as much as I enjoy creating it.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

My head is now filled with the coming September but that does not mean that I am finished with summer just yet.

Out of the six goals I set, I established five solid habits (counting being on my phone less).

That means I have to carry them forward while also making new goals.

I didn’t want to go back to yoga, it’s perfectly okay to change your mind.

There are no failures, just what worked and what could work better.

What did you get up to in Summer 2019?

What goals did you set?

What did you learn?

As always, leave me a comment.

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