When I tell people that art journaling is one of my hobbies, their first question is “what is that?”

When I tell them, they say “Oh I couldn’t do that, I’m not creative.”

I’m not joking everyone says that.

I tell them that humans were probably creating art before they could do maths and they, personally were creating art before they could do nearly anything else.

I truly believe that creativity is an integral part of humanity and anyone and everyone is creative.

Enter the Art Journal.

What people really mean when they say that they could not have an art journal is that they could not paint a masterpiece worthy of a museum or even Pinterest. Let’s face it, who amongst us can?

But that’s not what Art Journals are about. An Art Journal is exactly what it says it is a journal of art, pictures, sometimes writing and pretty much anything you want. You have created it.

Yes even scribbles and stickmen count!

You have probably had an art journal at some point in your life, like at school; you probably called it a textbook but that didn’t stop you doodling in it, did it?

I personally don’t have a particular style, sometimes I use prompts from the internet, I once took one of my dreams wrote it out and sketched an abstract picture around it. I guess my favourite technique is mixed media.

This image below is a painted background, with pictures found in magazines.37028755_1756751344410651_1821589526808625152_n

Image : By Shannon Sweeney

Remember the worst thing that can happen when you decide to create something is that materials come in contact with a surface, pen, pencil or paint on paper, sometimes it will look good, other times it won’t.

Either way, there’s nothing to be frightened of.

And you are creative, because you are human.





Title image created using Canva.com

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