I remember when I read To Kill a Mockingbird, I was about 14 and in second year at Secondary school (Ireland), I loved it and more surprisingly, so did my entire class. People who did not usually read were hooked and I remember fighting with a friend because he kept telling me what was going to happen.

I have always thought that what made To Kill a Mocking Bird so good was Scout, her views were childish, but right, she saw things as they should be, the reader, no matter the age, agreed with her and you hoped that it was her view that prevailed and saved Tom.

I was extremely disappointed with Go set a Watchman. I really wanted to like it because I loved To Kill a Mocking Bird, but I was bored; there just wasn’t much of a story. Now I will admit that I didn’t finish it, which is why I haven’t written a review. I liked Jean Louise (Scout) as an adult, she is strong and independent, all efforts to make her into a proper lady had, I am glad to say failed. I was worried about the rumoured changes Atticus goes through but I didn’t get far enough to find out.

The story, I think, relied on the characters too much. I’m afraid it just didn’t hold my attention.

Let me know what you thought in the comments.


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